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Preparing a Presentation Board

Before creating a PowerPoint Presentation or Presentation Board, identify the facts of the problem you are trying to solve. Provide a rationale for your research presentation.  Statistics, facts and references from experts in your field of study lend credibility to your presentation…initially. Remember you are presenting an informative and persuasive argument.

Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation

Power Point Presentation OUTLINE
  1. Introduction/Rationale
  2. Literature Review/Background
  3. Purpose(s)
  4. Methodology
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion
  8. Further Investigations
  9. Applications
Bolded sections must be thoroughly explained in verbal presentation.

The presentation

Presentations should be completed in 7-9 minutes. You may be timed depending upon presentation arena therefore practice is needed. Write a script…you do NOT have to memorize verbatim but it will help you to get & stay focused. Outline what you think is relevant to your study, do NOT write a script to memorize verbatim but write notes to help you remain focused. Verbal Rules of Thumb for Presentations:
  1. Include simplistic analogies to describe difficult concepts
  2. Be colloquial
  3. Take ownership of your research and research findings
  4. Speak slowly, say less instead of speed talk through a presentation
  5. Explain how previous years of research or personal experience stimulated and continued investigations and newer experimentation.  Refer to years/steps as phases, stages, etc. in your research.
  6. If your research is novel or unprecedented, state it as such or specifically denote which section of the work is novel and created by you, the student researcher.
  7. Remain calm.
  8. Remember to describe/determine your proof of concept.
  9. Use the time allotted for your presentation to TEACH the audience the research study and scientific literature supporting your claims.
  10. Be mindful of voice and use inflections to show importance.